Original Levity is shutting down — but this isn’t goodbye: stay tuned for the next thing(s)

The metaphorical writing is on the wall, in large part because there hasn’t been any actual writing on this website for quite some time.

After a couple of months when I was too busy to post new content here, followed by a couple months more of thinking about my long-term ability to sustain this website, I’ve decided it’s time to move on and shut it down. My web hosting contract and domain registration are valid until the spring of 2022, and I wanted to get this message out now so there’s an orderly transition to what’s next and plenty of time to let readers know about what I have planned.

I’m shutting down this website sometime in March 2022, but I still enjoy beer writing and I plan to keep my hand in it, hopefully with a couple of different projects. The word “projects” — plural — probably seems unrealistic coming from a guy who has found it difficult to find enough time to maintain a website over the years. The difference this time is that I’m talking about collaborations — projects where I won’t be the only one doing all the writing. With any luck, they’ll involve people who are smarter than me, too!

I’d actually say more, if I had more details to share at the moment. This is less a function of me being coy and has more to do with a bunch of decisions that have yet to be made. One thing I’ll say right now is that I’m re-evaluating whether a website is the best medium for my beer writing.

In the beginning, Original Levity was mainly a website with long-from articles that used social media as a way of promoting that content. Midway through its life, I changed Original Levity into more of a multi-platform brand where the social media accounts often had their own content. But as much as I’ve enjoyed creating some fun and irreverent Instagram posts, I have a love-hate relationship with the platform: I like the high level of engagement, but the superficiality bugs me. Craft beer doesn’t need to be super-serious, but there’s more to it than photos of beer pours and the word “crushable” used more times than any reader should have to endure in their lifetime.

I stubbornly maintain my belief in the written word, and I still think there’s an appetite for more Alberta-based beer commentary, context and criticism (in the sense of evaluation and discussion). People who follow Original Levity and read my columns in Edify have always been encouraging, and the few people I’ve talked to about a new project are enthusiastic about it. Over the next few months, I’ll be rolling up my sleeves and getting together with smart(er) people to work on some thoughtful, engaging and fun beer writing and decide on the best way to get it to people.

Wherever I end up, my plan is to take the content from Original Levity with me so that it remains online even after this site goes dark. I may even post a few previously unwritten articles here before next March, if I can manage it.

In the meantime, I’ll continue writing my regular column for Edify and I’ll be sure to post any updates/announcements about my new projects here. I hope you’ll follow me on the next stop of my beer journey, and thanks for reading up until now.