Contact & beer samples

I’m not in this to get free stuff.

I don’t solicit samples from breweries. The overwhelming majority of beers you will see me drink and review are ones I’ve bought with my own money because they’ve piqued my interest.

If you’re a brewery or an agent that wants to send me a sample for consideration, feel free to email me at If you do, please understand that sending a sample does not automatically result in coverage – nor will I ever guarantee a positive review in exchange for your product.

This is my promise to brewers and readers: Everything I review will receive fair consideration, and all reviews are an honest reflection of my opinion.

Product queries:
This site is mainly about craft beer made in Alberta or available to consumers here. With the possible exception of beer-related books, I’m not interested in reviewing products. I’m sure your beer-related invention is awesome and your Kickstarter campaign is totally legit, but it’s not what I do here.